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Your perfect smile,
Find it at Park Avenue Dental Clinic.

Hello, I'm Dr. Park Dong Won from Park Avenue Dental Clinic,
the place where you can find your perfect smile.

Studying five years at New York University has been the turning point of my life.
As the first Korean student to receive the Dr. Litvak scholarship, I had the honor to
receive an education with the most competitive students in dentistry and successfully
graduate with high honors.

Park Avenue Dental Clinic's work philosophy is based on the promise of becoming a lifetime physician for its patients and helping them find their most beautiful, healthy smile in all possible ways.

Park Avenue Dental Clinic provides the best implant treatment with an advanced medical practice from New York in a comfortable park-like environment to help you find your perfect smile.

With Park Avenue Dental Clinic, regain a confident smile you always wished for.

Advanced disinfection system

An advanced disinfection system compliant with the standards of the United States and Europe is used since an EO gas disinfector and Autoclave are provided for every single patient to prevent infection between patients.

International Network System

To enhance its global participation, Park Avenue Dental Clinic networks with numerous major dental clinics from the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia to provide the best dental service through the interchange of knowledge.

Implagraphy (3D imaging System: computer guided implant planning)

Park Avenue Dental Clinic provides an accurate diagnosis by utilizing a cutting edge computer system installed in the newly digital CT scanner. This offers a safe and successful treatment to patients with complicated dental problems.

Painless treatment with conscious sedation (Sleeping Dentistry)

Fear and anxiety of dental treatment can be reduced by getting safely treated with the latest equipments that comply with the strict standards of the American Society of Anesthesiology when receiving any type of dental procedure.

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